Gratitude Has Healing Power


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In ACIM, there are so many clear directions about how we can heal our life and experience miracles, if we’re willing. G... Read More

Living Your Purpose


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Many people feel they don’t know their purpose. Others are bereft because they feel stuck in a job they don’t like and want to... Read More

Having a Spiritual Career


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We can be truly helpful at work and teach only Love in our workplace. Truly living ACIM means practicing everywhere we go... Read More

God’s Will For You

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Many are afraid of God’s will for them because they feel they are a lowly sinner. There’s a great fear of God, and that God wa... Read More

Circle of Atonement

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One of the founders of Circle of Atonement, an ACIM resource, is a longtime student of the Course who has a lot ... Read More

Working Miracles

08/15/2017    Download Transcript

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We can embrace a miraculous life—it’s our destiny, and we are miraculous beings. Miracles are normal for us. If you feel you... Read More

Second Coming

08/08/2017    Download Transcript

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There is a second coming and we’re part of that movement that is a return to sanity. A Course in Miracles assures us t... Read More

Conditions of Learning

08/01/2017    Download Transcript

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You can become the happy learner, and understanding the conditions that are most conducive to learning is very helpful. A Cou... Read More

Finding Answers

07/25/2017    Download Transcript

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There is a method of discernment and finding answers that is given to us for relief from suffering. A Course in Miracles... Read More



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Doubt and mistrust are the genesis of so much suffering. A Course in Miracles teaches us how to cultivate a certain fait... Read More

Faith, Belief, and Vision

07/11/2017    Download Transcript

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We’re on a path of awakening and we’re cultivating the faith, belief, and vision of God. No matter how much doubt we have, tha... Read More



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A Course in Miracles tells us that we’re already free, but it can be hard to see. There is a path of liberation alread... Read More

Release From Sin

06/27/2017    Download Transcript

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We can get stuck in the past in a variety of ways and not even realize it—the ego is so tricky! Each moment offers an opportunit... Read More

Let Spirit Decide

06/20/2017    Download Transcript

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It can seem very difficult to let Spirit decide the way. Ego seems to insist on being the decider. Yet, there’s a way to more Pe... Read More

Working for God, Inc.

06/13/2017    Download Transcript

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Sometimes it seems like we take two steps forward and one step back, then one step forward and one step back. There is a way to fe... Read More

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