Helping Others


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A Course in Miracles tells us we’re here “only to be truly helpful,” but many times we back away after hearing the ... Read More

From Darkness to Light


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Are you attracted to the darkness? The belief in sin and punishment is so strong that many have come to think of it as immutable, ... Read More

Helpful Learning

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It’s possible to learn lots of information about spiritual healing without having any spiritual healing. We can study awakening ... Read More

Maria Felipe—Live Your Happy


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We can get out of our own way and experience much greater happy. Maria Felipe knows a lot about that. A Course in MiraclesRead More

Fastest Path of Awakening


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We can take the fast path or the slow path. It’s really our choice.  What we know is that we are on the path of salvat... Read More

When Feelings Are Helpful


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We can take the fast path or the slow path. It’s really our choice.  What we know is that we are on the path of salvat... Read More

Resurrection Is Our Divine Destiny

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Many of us have felt crucified. Many of us have had times where we embraced martyrdom rather than the Christ rising within. Many o... Read More

God Vision

04/04/2017    Download Transcript

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It can be challenging to understand how "God could be in everything I see" when there are so many things in the world that seem cr... Read More

Peace of God


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We live in a time of great healing. It's a time when many of us are experiencing old patterns of pain and negativity coming up in ... Read More

James Twyman-Resurrection


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Jennifer's special guest is musician, author, teacher, and filmmaker James Twyman. He is well-known as the "Peace Troubadour" and ... Read More

Jon Mundy-Eternal Life


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This week, Jennifer's special guest is author and teacher, Jon Mundy. His most recent book is Eternal Life and A Course in Miracle... Read More

Cultivating Sanity


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When the world looks insane and feels insane, we might as well admit it is insane. A Course in Miracles helps us to cultivate a sa... Read More

Miraculous Relationship Healing


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Miraculous relationship healing doesn't just happen in the movies. Movies remind us that when we're willing to change our mind, a ... Read More

Relationship Clarity


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Have you ever given up on a relationship because you couldn't bend it to your will? A Course in Miracles teaches us how to have su... Read More

Relationship Q&A


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I'm taking your relationship questions this week as part of a monthlong focus on relationships. Got a question? Join me live and c... Read More

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