Resurrection Is Our Divine Destiny


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Many of us have felt crucified. Many of us have had times where we embraced martyrdom rather than the Christ rising within. Many o... Read More

God Vision


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It can be challenging to understand how "God could be in everything I see" when there are so many things in the world that seem cr... Read More

Peace of God


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We live in a time of great healing. It's a time when many of us are experiencing old patterns of pain and negativity coming up in ... Read More

James Twyman-Resurrection


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Jennifer's special guest is musician, author, teacher, and filmmaker James Twyman. He is well-known as the "Peace Troubadour" and ... Read More

Jon Mundy-Eternal Life


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This week, Jennifer's special guest is author and teacher, Jon Mundy. His most recent book is Eternal Life and A Course in Miracle... Read More

Cultivating Sanity


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When the world looks insane and feels insane, we might as well admit it is insane. A Course in Miracles helps us to cultivate a sa... Read More

Miraculous Relationship Healing


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Miraculous relationship healing doesn't just happen in the movies. Movies remind us that when we're willing to change our mind, a ... Read More

Relationship Clarity


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Have you ever given up on a relationship because you couldn't bend it to your will? A Course in Miracles teaches us how to have su... Read More

Relationship Q&A


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I'm taking your relationship questions this week as part of a monthlong focus on relationships. Got a question? Join me live and c... Read More

Relationship Help!


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Our relationships with our brothers and sisters are the No. 1 tools we have for our liberation from suffering. When we complain ab... Read More

Healing the Fear to Look Within

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Our spiritual growth and expansion requires us to be willing to look within. How can we seek the kingdom first when we're terrifie... Read More

Making Inspired Decisions


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Even when we feel like a victim, we're the one who decides. Part of the pain many people suffer is that they consciously make unlo... Read More

What Is the Ego?

01/17/2017    Download Transcript

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Do we truly know what the ego is? ACIM students are often referring to the ego, but seldom do they ever discussed what the ego act... Read More

The Little Willingness

01/10/2017    Download Transcript

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Are you searching for the way out of a difficult time? Do you feel stuck, trapped, lost? There is a way out of the realms of hell ... Read More

Beginning of the Return

01/03/2017    Download Transcript

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We can activate the beginning of the return to knowledge and keep going from there. Let us welcome our inheritance and the return ... Read More

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