Ascended Masters and Mighty Companions

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One of the great resources we have in this world is the Ascended Masters. Call them the Company of Heaven or the Planetary Hierarc... Read More

Real Relationship

06/28/2016    Download Transcript

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Our difficult and hurtful relationships are the No. 1 thing that prevents us from awakening. A Course in Miracles gives us a clear... Read More

Cultivating a Guiltless Mind

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Guilt is the way the ego keeps us playing small and living in lack and limitation. Living without guilt doesn't mean becoming inse... Read More

The Way out of Darkness

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It can sometimes seem like we've suddenly fallen into a pit of darkness. At other times, it seems like the darkness is chasing us.... Read More

Peace and Politics

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Many people notice that the election activities seem to disturb their Peace. Each election year people get triggered by politics. ... Read More

True Empathy

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Empathy is often misunderstood-as the ego uses empathy, it's destructive. Enough of that! A Course in Miracles gives us instructio... Read More

Accelerate Your Awakening

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Atonement, ascension, and awakening are words that represent the same thing. We can greatly accelerate our ascension by choosing t... Read More

Fulfilling Your Function

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You have a function and your happiness depends on fulfilling it. Here's how to become the happy learner and improve the quality of... Read More

Body Corrections

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Sickness is anger taken out on the body-that's what ACIM says-what does it tell us about how to interrupt that pattern and move to... Read More

Ending the Fear of Love

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Fear of Love is what many people suffer from and may not even know it. Many or most of the choices we make each day are to separat... Read More

Making Way for Miracles!

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Miracles are natural and it's our birthright to live a miraculous life. If you aren't experiencing a truly miraculous life, all th... Read More

Uncovering Your Holiness

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It's very common for even longtime spiritual students to be firmly convinced that there is something fundamentally wrong with them... Read More

God Answers Your Questions

04/12/2016    Download Transcript

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Many wonder what God wants. People are confused about how to know what's best. A Course in Miracles tells us how to hear God's ans... Read More

Problem Solving the ACIM Way!

04/05/2016    Download Transcript

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Solving problems with A Course in Miracles is so very different from the way the world teaches us-it's miraculous! ACIM teaches us... Read More

Peace in This World

03/29/2016    Download Transcript

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When the world seems to be raging insanity, it's hard to imagine Peace is even possible. A Course in Miracles tells us Peace is de... Read More

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