Ending the Fear of Love

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Fear of Love is what many people suffer from and may not even know it. Many or most of the choices we make each day are to separat... Read More

Making Way for Miracles!

04/26/2016    Download Transcript

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Miracles are natural and it's our birthright to live a miraculous life. If you aren't experiencing a truly miraculous life, all th... Read More

Uncovering Your Holiness

04/19/2016    Download Transcript

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It's very common for even longtime spiritual students to be firmly convinced that there is something fundamentally wrong with them... Read More

God Answers Your Questions

04/12/2016    Download Transcript

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Many wonder what God wants. People are confused about how to know what's best. A Course in Miracles tells us how to hear God's ans... Read More

Problem Solving the ACIM Way!

04/05/2016    Download Transcript

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Solving problems with A Course in Miracles is so very different from the way the world teaches us-it's miraculous! ACIM teaches us... Read More

Peace in This World

03/29/2016    Download Transcript

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When the world seems to be raging insanity, it's hard to imagine Peace is even possible. A Course in Miracles tells us Peace is de... Read More

Depression Relief!

03/22/2016    Download Transcript

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Many spiritual students go through periods of depression and feel ashamed, believing they should somehow be beyond feeling depress... Read More

Transforming Special Relationships

03/15/2016    Download Transcript

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We'll continue our series on transforming special relationships to holy relationships. Your willingness is all that is required. A... Read More

Relationship Restoration

03/08/2016    Download Transcript

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There's a way to repair and restore your relationship no matter how hopeless it might seem and no matter how helpless you might fe... Read More

Holy Instant in Your Relationship

03/01/2016    Download Transcript

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Unholy relationships require a lot of time, energy, attention, and sometimes even money. The cost of the unhappy relationship is a... Read More

How to Have a Happy Relationship

02/23/2016    Download Transcript

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Special, unhappy, unholy relationships are the ego's best weapon against the healing power of Love to transform your life. If you'... Read More

Uncovering the Spark of Beauty in Your Relationships

02/16/2016    Download Transcript

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Transforming relationships from codependent to harmonious and holy seems very difficult when you're trying to do it on your own. A... Read More

Holy Relationship Healing

02/09/2016    Download Transcript

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Our relationships are our best help to transform our mind and remember our true identity. A Course in Miracles tells us how to mak... Read More

Jesus, Man, and Christ

02/02/2016    Download Transcript

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How do we understand Jesus as our Guide and Teacher in A Course in Miracles? Jesus walked the earth to represent the Christ and to... Read More

Guide to Salvation—The Holy Spirit

01/26/2016    Download Transcript

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Our Guide is the Holy Spirit, always available to us. Yet, how many of us are really willing to hear, feel, sense, and know the gu... Read More

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