You Always Get What You Want

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Attention, Rolling Stones' fans! ACIM tells us how to always get what we want. This week, Jennifer shares he... Read More

Healing the Habit of Feeling Dissatisfied

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So much unhappiness is habitual, and we don’t even realize it. Many of these habits are fairly easy to break when you know how. ... Read More

When Forgiveness Is Dysfunctional

10/16/2018    Download Transcript

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Forgiveness is so misunderstood. People can practice what they think is forgiveness, but it’s actually codependency and dysfunct... Read More

Forgiveness Provides Relief From Pain

10/09/2018    Download Transcript

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All healing is at the level of the mind, and so is forgiveness. This week, Jennifer explores how forgiveness works to end sufferin... Read More

How Does Healing Happen?

10/02/2018    Download Transcript

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How does the Holy Spirit affect our healing? How does Jesus heal? This week, Jennifer shares the miracles of healing on all levels... Read More

Jon Mundy—Mysticism and Miracles

09/25/2018    Download Transcript

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Jennifer is joined by author Jon Mundy, a prolific ACIM scholar who will discuss his latest book Mysticism and Mir... Read More

Intuition or Ego

09/18/2018    Download Transcript

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In every moment we’re listening to something. Either Spirit is directing us or ego is influencing us. With the ACIMpra... Read More

Stress Relief

09/11/2018    Download Transcript

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ACIM is the pathway to peace when we walk the talk and live the love. In ACIM, there are clear steps for our s... Read More

When Your Family Isn’t Spiritual

09/04/2018    Download Transcript

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It’s common for people to discover their spirituality and then realize their loved ones aren’t interested. This isn’t a mist... Read More

Heal Your Loneliness, Desperation, and Fear

08/28/2018    Download Transcript

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You don’t have to struggle alone in the dark. This week, Jennifer shares her own healing of unworthiness issues and letting the ... Read More

You’re Not a Spiritual Failure


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Many spiritual students secretly feel like a fake. They feel ashamed that they are not walking their talk. This week, Jennifer sha... Read More

Ending Self-Medication

08/14/2018    Download Transcript

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Jennifer shares her own life’s journey of leaving self-medication behind! The habit of self-medicating, no matter what it is—f... Read More

Developing Deep Compassion

08/07/2018    Download Transcript

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Jennifer shares her own life’s journey of going from feeling mean and unkind to becoming a truly compassionate person! Compassio... Read More

Cure for Abandonment Issues

07/31/2018    Download Transcript

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A Course in Miracles offers a cure for deep... Read More

Healing Abusive Relationships

07/24/2018    Download Transcript

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Does the victim have responsibility for being attacked? Can an abusive relationship be saved or healed? This week, Jennifer shares... Read More

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