Heal Your Loneliness, Desperation, and Fear

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You don’t have to struggle alone in the dark. This week, Jennifer shares her own healing of unworthiness issues and letting the ... Read More

You’re Not a Spiritual Failure


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Many spiritual students secretly feel like a fake. They feel ashamed that they are not walking their talk. This week, Jennifer sha... Read More

Ending Self-Medication

08/14/2018    Download Transcript

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Jennifer shares her own life’s journey of leaving self-medication behind! The habit of self-medicating, no matter what it is—f... Read More

Developing Deep Compassion

08/07/2018    Download Transcript

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Jennifer shares her own life’s journey of going from feeling mean and unkind to becoming a truly compassionate person! Compassio... Read More

Cure for Abandonment Issues

07/31/2018    Download Transcript

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A Course in Miracles offers a cure for deep... Read More

Healing Abusive Relationships

07/24/2018    Download Transcript

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Does the victim have responsibility for being attacked? Can an abusive relationship be saved or healed? This week, Jennifer shares... Read More

God in This World

07/17/2018    Download Transcript

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Do you doubt the existence of God? This is a recurring theme for many ACIM students. This week Jennifer shares her own ... Read More

How to Keep From Failing

07/10/2018    Download Transcript

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Many people don’t even attempt to live the life they’d like because they fear failure. There is a way to use ACIM t... Read More

Resistance and Reluctance

07/03/2018    Download Transcript

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Ego shows up as debilitating resistance to following our guidance, doing what’s most loving, and a long list of other difficulti... Read More

Staying Connected With Spirit

06/26/2018    Download Transcript

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Sometimes we feel so connected and then the next thing we know we’ve completely lost it. ACIM teaches us how to stay ... Read More

Fear Buster

06/19/2018    Download Transcript

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Fear feels like it has power, but only God has power. We can use ACIM tools to bust up the habits of fear and live a li... Read More

Finding Happiness in This World

06/12/2018    Download Transcript

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We’re living a life of true joy when our happiness is unconditional. What are the components of a genuine sense of happiness? Je... Read More

Worthy to Minister

06/05/2018    Download Transcript

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This week, Jennifer shares her own experience of overcoming her feelings of unworthiness. ACIM talks about being a Teac... Read More

Jealous or Victorious

05/29/2018    Download Transcript

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Feelings of jealousy can seem to eat us up inside. There’s a miraculous solution to dissolve and resolve envy back to the root c... Read More

Rising up From Despair

05/22/2018    Download Transcript

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Grief is a part of our experience, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming—like we’re caught in a whirpool. This week, Jennifer... Read More

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