Grief and Grieving With ACIM


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Grief is a part of our experience, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming—like we’re caught in a whirpool. This week, Jennifer... Read More

Tama Kieves—Thriving Through Uncertainty

05/08/2018    Download Transcript

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Author Tama Kieves joins Jennifer Hadley and shares helpful and practical tips from her latest book, Read More

Jon Mundy—Practicing the Principles

05/01/2018    Download Transcript

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Author Jon Mundy joins Jennifer Hadley and shares helpful and practical tips from his book, Read More

Divine Vision Or Ego Fantasy?

04/24/2018    Download Transcript

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Many people are addicted to fantasizing and don’t know the difference between fantasy and vision. This week, Jenni... Read More

Another Way to See the World

04/17/2018    Download Transcript

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When what we see in the world upsets us, we can train ourselves not to complain. This week, Jennifer shares how to look at the wor... Read More

Undoing the Errors

04/10/2018    Download Transcript

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When guilt doesn’t let us release the past we suffer. This week, Jennifer shares the shorter path to healing the errors of the p... Read More

Does God Hear Us?

04/03/2018    Download Transcript

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In this week’s episode, Jennifer shares her experience of learning to feel God’s listening presence.... Read More

Corinne Zupko—From Anxiety to Love

03/27/2018    Download Transcript

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Healing the emotional and mental patterns of anxiety is just one of the benefits people have as a result of living ACIM.... Read More

Gary Renard, Jesus, and Buddha

03/20/2018    Download Transcript

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Jennifer welcomes author Gary Renard to discuss his latest book The Lifetimes When... Read More

Revelation and Realization

03/13/2018    Download Transcript

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Read More

Your Communication Link With God

03/06/2018    Download Transcript

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Don’t go it alone! We all have a communication link with God, and we can learn the most effective ways to access that divine dow... Read More

When You Fear Losing A Relationship

02/27/2018    Download Transcript

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One of the worst feelings is when we are desperate to keep a relationship going in a particular way. A Course in MiraclesRead More

Ending a Relationship

02/20/2018    Download Transcript

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Deciding whether or not to end a relationship can be so challenging. The best relationship advice comes from A Course in Mira... Read More

The Love of Your Life

02/13/2018    Download Transcript

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What does ACIM have to say about finding the love of your life? Relationships are the greatest helper we have for heali... Read More

Love Relationships

02/06/2018    Download Transcript

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Most everyone would like more love in their relationships. A Course in Miracles shows us the way to heal our relationsh... Read More

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