Does God Hear Us?

04/03/2018    Download Transcript

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In this week’s episode, Jennifer shares her experience of learning to feel God’s listening presence.... Read More

Corinne Zupko—From Anxiety to Love

03/27/2018    Download Transcript

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Healing the emotional and mental patterns of anxiety is just one of the benefits people have as a result of living ACIM.... Read More

Gary Renard, Jesus, and Buddha

03/20/2018    Download Transcript

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Jennifer welcomes author Gary Renard to discuss his latest book The Lifetimes When... Read More

Revelation and Realization

03/13/2018    Download Transcript

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Read More

Your Communication Link With God

03/06/2018    Download Transcript

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Don’t go it alone! We all have a communication link with God, and we can learn the most effective ways to access that divine dow... Read More

When You Fear Losing A Relationship

02/27/2018    Download Transcript

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One of the worst feelings is when we are desperate to keep a relationship going in a particular way. A Course in MiraclesRead More

Ending a Relationship

02/20/2018    Download Transcript

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Deciding whether or not to end a relationship can be so challenging. The best relationship advice comes from A Course in Mira... Read More

The Love of Your Life

02/13/2018    Download Transcript

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What does ACIM have to say about finding the love of your life? Relationships are the greatest helper we have for heali... Read More

Love Relationships

02/06/2018    Download Transcript

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Most everyone would like more love in their relationships. A Course in Miracles shows us the way to heal our relationsh... Read More

Healthy Boundaries

01/30/2018    Download Transcript

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A big question for many spiritual students is, “How can I be loving and still have healthy boundaries?” A Course in Mirac... Read More

Behavior Modification

01/23/2018    Download Transcript

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Many self-help programs focus on behavior modification as a way of changing habits that aren’t helpful. In this week’s episode... Read More

Insights for the Awakening Mind, With David Hoffmeister

01/16/2018    Download Transcript

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In this week’s episode, Jennifer and special guest David Hoffmeister share how to apply ACIM teachings on a practical d... Read More

Attachments = Suffering

01/09/2018    Download Transcript

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In this week’s episode, Jennifer shows us how to apply ACIM teachings on a practical day-to-day level to permanently el... Read More

Begin Again

01/02/2018    Download Transcript

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Let’s forgive the past and let Spirit wipe the slate clean. Let’s begin again and go back to the beginning. A Course in Mi... Read More

You’ve Got the Power!

12/26/2017    Download Transcript

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You might be surprised at what Jesus tells us about the power within our mind. Now is the time for us to activate the power of God... Read More

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