Releasing Unhealthy Attachments

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Releasing unhealthy attachments can feel like an epic journey, but it doesn’t have to be. The road is much easier if you’re really truly willing.

You can be an amazing success at transformation if you truly desire to rise and shine. Believing you can is less important than really having that burning desire. 

Many people are afraid to energize that there’s something they really desire to experience because they have such a strong belief that they cannot ever have it. 

I say, give the heavy lifting to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and energize the desire of how you’d like to FEEL and BE in this world in order to experience it. Let’s BE Joy-FULL!  

If you’re giving up sugar, caffeine, or gluten because you think you should, but you don’t really wish to, then your ego is in charge of your process and you’ll fall right back, and feel worse about yourself. 

I know, I did the research. Been there, done that, felt the pain, got the stretch marks.  

I’ve learned that we can surrender the attachment without giving up the thing we enjoy. 

I quit smoking a few times. The first couple of times it was really hard. I had intense cravings. I had all kinds of emotional swings, ups and downs, and weight gain, etc. 

When I finally quit for good, I had no drama and no trauma. 


Because I sincerely didn’t wish to smoke anymore. 

I wasn’t doing something I thought I SHOULD do. I was no longer doing something I didn’t need.  

Overeating, eating things that don’t make us feel good, drinking too much alcohol – these are the things that severely impact our ability to intuit what the heck is really going on – they keep us in the dark.  

Isn’t that what the ego has us doing again and again? 

We give up things we think we SHOULD give up and we do the things that we think we SHOULD do. 

When our choices are motivated by the ego and we’re not successful. 

We fail again and again, because the ego is in charge. 

The more we fail, the more we judge ourselves and the less connected we feel to our Spirit. There’s no Love in the SHOULD.  

Love is our healer. Love is the ONLY healer, because Love is what we are.  

When we choose Love it returns us to our natural state and connects us to Spirit. Depriving ourselves of something we want isn’t going to feel very loving. That’s why this isn’t about depriving ourselves, it’s about allowing the healing.  

Our journey with this 40 day reboot of Pray & Clear&is to Love ourselves free of living in limitation and suffering.  

We’re loving ourselves free of self-medicating. We’re loving ourselves free of eating things that leave us feeling tired, depleted, irritable, bloated and sick.  

We give up the attachment to finding comfort in food and alcohol. We give up the attachment to hurting ourselves with food and alcohol. Instead, we choose to simply make loving choices. Which requires us to tune in, and tune UP!  

We cultivate a willingness to find comfort in the Holy Comforter, our own Higher Holy Spirit Self.  

We’ve made a habit of attacking, hurting and undermining ourselves into playing small and feeling small and ashamed. 

Now, let’s restore and renew ourselves. 

We’re rebooting into our true spiritual identity – where there’s REAL and LASTING comfort. 

We’re going for spiritual fulfillment instead of ego feel-full-ment. 

At times, my biggest challenge has been that I had no faith or belief that I could have the results I desired. I felt like a failure so many times. 

So many times I’d say “I’ll quit tomorrow” or “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I won’t do that anymore” only to find I had no will power at all. Why would I place myself in the position of failure yet again?  

What shifted everything for me is putting the Higher Holy Spirit Self in charge of all the healing. 

I focused on being willing to release all the unhealthy attachments. 

I have to say, I began to find REAL Joy in being able to surrender the attachments. 

I didn’t have to figure out HOW to let them go, I gave the heavy lifting of figuring out HOW to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and I simply focused on allowing myself to be present with my true Self and to choose my heart’s desire – which was and is, Freedom.  

I stopped letting myself be fooled that the ego is my self, because it is SO not who I AM.  

The ego is mean, and whiny and controlling and weak and absolutely INSANE. 

Would you let someone like that run your life? No, you would not – unless you thought you were powerless and helpless.  

We are the Presence of God in our own lives. We are powerful. When we focus on the negative we experience a living hell. When we focus on being loving we experience a slice of heaven. That IS powerful.  

Going through a physical detox supports our mental and emotional bodies in operating clearly and being able to feel strong and focused. Then we can really focus on being loving. Then we’re having a healing day every day. Let’s do this!  

I’ll say it again, if you feel resistant to temporarily abstaining from certain foods and beverages, if you feel bothered by it, frustrated or upset by the thought of doing without, or even if you feel the cravings are too intense, consider this:  

Nothing tastes as good as Joy feels.  

Give the heavy lifting to the I AM Presence. Hand it over. Give it UP. Call for divine assistance. No matter how alone you might feel at times, you are NEVER alone.  

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