Laws of Healing

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Healing is simpler than we think, and sometimes our mind rejects it without us even realizing it. Painful and limiting mental and ... Read More

Ascended Masters and ACIM

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Jesus is the only Ascended Master referred to in A Course in Miracles, and yet he does teach about the Masters in the Manual for T... Read More

Applying Spiritual Methods for Healing

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Spiritual methods for healing are the only ones that get to the root cause. Spiritual counselors are trained to be Mighty Companio... Read More

Spiritual Counseling and ACIM

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Jesus asks us to help him and become a Teacher of God. One of the ways we can do this is by counseling and coaching people from th... Read More

Healing the Body with the Mind—Part 2

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kironJ has had extraordinary illness and miraculous healing. Her story of healing with the Holy Spirit, at the level of the mind i... Read More

Healing the Body with the Mind

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ACIM student kironJ Gardner has had extraordinary illness and miraculous healing. Her story of healing with the Holy Spi... Read More

Forgiving When We’ve Been Betrayed

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Betrayal seems to be one of the most painful parts of life and relationships. For many, betrayal can be devastating and often peop... Read More

The Purpose of A Course in Miracles

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It’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of ACIM as an actual course and program. We can get so engrossed in learning i... Read More

Honesty Is a Characteristic of God’s Teachers

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After trust, the most valuable characteristic of God’s teachers is honesty. What does it truly mean, and how can we activate it ... Read More

When Healers Play Small

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ACIM talks about the unhealed healer and how to transcend the limiting beliefs the unhealed healer can get stuck in. Are... Read More

Healers and Healing

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What makes a person a healing presence? Can people heal each other? How does healing even work? These are common questions we all ... Read More

Hidden Ways We Avoid Healing

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Are you avoiding the very healing that you desire—and you don’t even know it? This is so common. We can eliminate the hidden w... Read More

Accelerate Your Awakening With Spiritual Friendships

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Spiritual community can be that awakening accelerator to help us undo all the stinking thinking that manifests as every cause of o... Read More

Increase Your Faith—Part 2

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It’s so helpful to understand the relationship between faith, trust, and willingness. We can stop hurting ourselves when we real... Read More

Increase Your Faith

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Faith is freedom. Willingness builds trust—which unlocks a deep faith—improving every minute of your life. It does require wil... Read More

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