What Is the Ego?

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Do we truly know what the ego is? ACIM students are often referring to the ego, but seldom do they ever discussed what the ego act... Read More

The Little Willingness

01/10/2017    Download Transcript

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Are you searching for the way out of a difficult time? Do you feel stuck, trapped, lost? There is a way out of the realms of hell ... Read More

Beginning of the Return

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We can activate the beginning of the return to knowledge and keep going from there. Let us welcome our inheritance and the return ... Read More

Strength or Weakness

12/27/2016    Download Transcript

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Sometimes we choose the thought that causes us to feel weak. It's as if we're Superman and we're choosing to hold on to the krypto... Read More

Pain and Sacrifice Disappear

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We can find a light in the darkness. We can give up the habit of sacrifice. Pain does dissolve when Peace is no longer seen as a t... Read More

Finding the Treasure

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Our pain and suffering comes from treasuring that which hurts us and has no lasting value. We can lay the mistaken treasure aside ... Read More

Effective Spiritual Practice

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The end of laboring in vain has come. The ego sends us on wild goose chases of spiritual practices that don't add any benefit and ... Read More

God’s Justice

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From the ego perspective, justice often remains elusive. We don't trust in divine justice, which causes a great amount of distress... Read More

No Compromise

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In spiritual matters, there can be no compromise. Peace, Love, and Joy require an unyielding compromise-and that is the way out of... Read More

Faith Is Freedom From Worry

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Faith in the Holy Spirit is the way out of the hell of doubt and worry. Faith in the Holy Spirit is what allows us to experience t... Read More

You Are the Treasure

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A Course in Miracles offers us the ultimate healing in self-esteem. It tells you that you are the treasure of God. You are the bel... Read More

Healing the Past in the Present

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Many people are tormented about the past. Even though the painful experiences of the past may not be occurring anymore, we can ree... Read More

Taking Spiritual Action

10/18/2016    Download Transcript

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People get confused about when to take action, what spiritual action is, and when to make a move. A Course in Miracles tells us to... Read More

Compassionate Listening

10/11/2016    Download Transcript

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Could all of our relationship challenges be eliminated if we had the ability to be a compassionate listener? When we can listen to... Read More

Course Correction

10/04/2016    Download Transcript

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The fastest path to our healing, our prosperity, and our awakening is a path of course correction. It's not hard when we give the ... Read More

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