When Love Is Painful

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Love is not meant to be painful. In truth, love is our liberator because love is what we are. However, to the ego love is painful ... Read More

Healing From Loss

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When we apply the healing principles of ACIM, we can move through the most devastating losses faster and with far more grace. We c... Read More

Your Life Purpose

04/23/2019    Download Transcript

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People feel a pervasive sense of incompleteness when they don’t understand and live their purpose. We can turn this around so qu... Read More

Jackie Lora Jones—All Peace No Pieces

04/17/2019    Download Transcript

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Author Jackie Lora Jones joins Jennifer to share about the keys to inner peace and happiness through forgiveness. Jackie and Jenni... Read More

Ending Repeating Patterns of Pain

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One of the most debilitating and depressing experiences we have is the repeating sense of failure and the pain from it. Imagine an... Read More

Reluctance to Heal

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ACIM tells us “all healing is at the level of the mind.” So, if we’re willing, why aren’t we healing? This applies to all ... Read More

Resistance to Happiness

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The ego thought system is insane when viewed from the perspective of spiritual truth. When identified with the ego and the body, w... Read More

Transforming Self-Hatred

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We are called to transform self-hatred so the world can live in peace. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and do what we came he... Read More

The Attraction of Guilt

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The guilty mind can become obsessed with finding sin wherever possible. This attraction can be an unrecognized and addictive tende... Read More

Lisa Natoli—The Healing Cure

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Wholeness is our inheritance. We are entitled to miracles—and all healing is at the level of the mind—so let’s get to our he... Read More

Corinne Zupko—The Courage to Heal

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It’s possible we’re afraid to heal and that’s what keeps us playing small. Courage is required for us to be able to let go o... Read More

Relationship Substitute

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What if we call a special relationship an “unholy relationship” that’s not even real because it is not based in love and hol... Read More

Responsibility in Relationship

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The responsibility for sight is one of the most liberating teachings in all of the ACIM text. It automatically transfor... Read More

Lessons of Love

02/05/2019    Download Transcript

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Let’s learn the lessons of love and forgo the lessons of separation and ego thinking. The Holy Spirit will guide us. This week, ... Read More

David Hoffmeister—This Moment Is Your Miracle

01/29/2019    Download Transcript

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David Hoffmeister has traveled all over this world sharing the beauty of truly living ACIM. This week, Jennifer and Davi... Read More

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