True Perception and Miracles

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There’s a connection between true perception and miracles that can help us live a miraculous life—let’s get to it! This week... Read More

Jon Mundy—Power of Decision

01/15/2019    Download Transcript

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Beloved author Jon Mundy has been writing and sharing about ACIM for decades. This week, Jennifer welcomes Jon for a sharing on th... Read More

Willpower vs. Willingness

01/09/2019    Download Transcript

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Behavior modification is a temporary fix requiring some willpower. Willingness is permanent healing when we engage with the Holy S... Read More

Rebirth and Renewal

01/01/2019    Download Transcript

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We can always choose to be renewed in Spirit. Effective spiritual practice offers a divine alchemy that refreshes and restores. In... Read More

The Holy Instant and Special Relationships

12/25/2018    Download Transcript

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Ego-based “special” relationships keep us in a hell of our own design. The holy instant lets us rise to heaven in our awarenes... Read More

Using Truth to Find Freedom From Pain

12/18/2018    Download Transcript

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How do we find our way back to the truth when our perceptions feel like torture? There is a way out of pain and suffering. AC... Read More

Tapping Into Strength

12/11/2018    Download Transcript

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When we feel weak and defensive, it can feel so demoralizing and demeaning. It seems as though the fear and weakness feed on each ... Read More

Christ in You

12/04/2018    Download Transcript

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In ACIM, Jesus invites us to see the Christ within our very self. Let us overcome our resistance and discover the Christ... Read More

In Case of Emergency

11/28/2018    Download Transcript

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ACIM is the perfect tool in any kind of emergency—emotional, physical, financial, or spiritual. However, it only works... Read More

Family Holiday Survival Guide

11/21/2018    Download Transcript

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Holidays can be an ego-fueled nightmare—with or without family. You can be the fulcrum point of healing in your family and shift... Read More

The Path to Lasting Happiness

11/13/2018    Download Transcript

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Fundamentally, ACIM is a map out of hell and into lasting happiness—if we follow it. Reading about happiness and expe... Read More

Getting Out From Under Guilt

11/06/2018    Download Transcript

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Guilt can feel like a weight that lays upon your whole life. This week, Jennifer shares her own experiences of undoing a mountain ... Read More

You Always Get What You Want

10/30/2018    Download Transcript

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Attention, Rolling Stones' fans! ACIM tells us how to always get what we want. This week, Jennifer shares he... Read More

Healing the Habit of Feeling Dissatisfied

10/23/2018    Download Transcript

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So much unhappiness is habitual, and we don’t even realize it. Many of these habits are fairly easy to break when you know how. ... Read More

When Forgiveness Is Dysfunctional

10/16/2018    Download Transcript

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Forgiveness is so misunderstood. People can practice what they think is forgiveness, but it’s actually codependency and dysfunct... Read More

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