Cultivating Miracle Mindedness Together

Are you looking to join with like-minded ACIM students who support each other to walk the talk and live the love?

Join our online community!

We’re offering a loving community to support your practice of ACIM principles and deepen your understanding so you can joyfully walk the talk and live the Love.

Together we’re rising above the battlefield.

Whether you’re new to A Course in Miracles or have been studying for decades, all are welcome.

What is a Miracle Circle?

Miracle Circles are facilitated online groups with no more than 8 participants joining together weekly on Zoom to discuss the journey of living the principles of A Course in Miracles. Together, we’re moving out of our heads and into our hearts.

  • We’re a support group not a study group.
  • We’re actively practicing the tools and sharing our experiences.
  • We don’t give advice, criticize or judge.
  • We’re a safe space for people to share without fear.

What Miracle Circles are NOT:

  • We’re NOT studying ACIM as a study group usually does.
  • We’re NOT going through the books to read and study them together.

Benefits of Joining A Miracle Circle

The best way to understand something is to live it, and embody it.

  • Our intention is to move away from intellectual discussion and into a heart-opening dialogue of like-minded souls.
  • We focus on sharing how we’re actually living the teachings, our challenges and our breakthroughs.
  • We’re cultivating our ability to be miracle-minded instead of ego blinded.

We’re launching the first four Miracle Circles in October 2021.

Our free, online, weekly Miracle Circle program is open NOW for new members.

How can I join a Miracle Circle?

Complete a short application form and be invited to a live Q & A Session with some of our facilitators and trainers. Space is limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Circle 1
Carolyn & Janet,
Mondays 10:30am


Circle 2
Joylielle & Amanda,
Tuesdays 10:00 am


Circle 3
Holly & Stacy,
Wednesdays 7:00 pm


Circle 4
Nadia & Tammi,
Thursdays 11:30 am


If I join, what is the commitment?

We are asking everyone who joins to commit to a weekly Circle for a year. Of course it is understandable not to be able to attend every single week. We are looking for participants who value and would look forward to attending these discussions

We have used small Circles in our year-long Masterful Living program and have observed that it typically takes a few months for groups to bond and find their rhythm. We have also heard from many participants that it took them several months to feel comfortable to share freely and how supportive and nourishing it has been for them to feel so connected and close to their Circle members. Another reason why a year-long commitment is beneficial

YES! Count me in!

Application Form

The intention of the Miracle Circle program is to discuss the journey of living the principles of A Course in Miracles. The intention is to share how we’re living the teachings and the miracles we’re experiencing!

We are excited to roll out our first 4 Miracle Circles. Each Circle has 8 participant openings.

Immediately Interested? Complete our pre-application survey to help discern if this is a fit for you.