Accelerate Your Awakening With Spiritual Friendships

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In today’s episode, we learn that there are many wonderful opportunities that we have to do spiritual work together, and when two or more are gathered, Spirit is there in the midst of us and it’s so much more healing and far more transformative than doing it on our own. When we experience spiritual growth and healing in a fun community, joining our hearts and minds with like-minded souls, doing the forgiveness work together, the entire world is transformed as we do our own work! Mighty Companions, visible and invisible, increase our strength and courage and give us spiritual guidance to travel that path to spiritual awakening.  Finding and participating in a spiritual community not only provides us with inspiration to living A Course in Miracles every day in our spiritual journey, but also with ways to accelerate our healing. By joining together in our spiritual practice, there is no greater healing opportunity that we can give ourselves in this world. Jennifer Hadley reminds us that God is our strength, there’s nothing our holiness cannot do, and she shares with us how we can Partner UP with Spirit and make all our relationships holy. By creating a “spiritual posse” with a Prayer Partner, with a Spiritual Counselor, in Sacred Circles, taking spiritual classes or participating in ACIM Study Groups, we come together for the purpose of healing, and the healing is occurring in our lives at a faster rate. Healing conversation, combined with the actual practices and doing the work,  accelerates your awakening unbelievably, and it helps us undo that “stinkin’ thinkin’” that manifests as our suffering experiences in our day-to-day lives.  To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visit, and join Jennifer for her “Prayer of the Day” as her Prayer Partner!

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