Act Now and You Can Have It ALL!


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One of the most distracting and absorbing things we experience is the seemingly endless wanting. It seems that no matter what, there's not enough and something's always wrong. We wonder, How can we find freedom when things are so wrong? Is peace even possible? A Course in Miracles leads us step-by-step to that true freedom, that perfect peace, and yet so many ACIM students seem to wander in the desert for years. What are they missing? In this week's episode, Jennifer Hadley breaks it down and makes it plain so that you can finally experience the end of wanting and step into that perfect peace-your little willingness offers clear insight and assistance in how you can decrease the habits, if you choose it. Your little willingness is all that's required to step into the active practice of living A Course in Miracles. Let today be that first real step of true willingness and let the miracles unfold! You can live a masterful life of miracles!

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