Commitment to Being “Truly Helpful”

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A Course in Miracles shares in Chapter 2 of the Text that our purpose in life is we are here “only to be truly helpful”. Jesus teaches us to say, “I am here to represent Him Who sent me,” then He tells us to not worry about the how, that we will be directed and led by the Holy Spirit. And yet, most of us don't know what being “truly helpful” even means, where to start, and how to bring that into our everyday lives. Knowing that’s our only purpose makes it simple, but not easy. Jennifer Hadley, Teacher of the Course and Spiritual Counselor, brings her insight of the Text through her personal experiences and challenges, as to how we can learn to be led and guided in our daily lives in very practical ways. “One of the best ways we can be truly helpful is to start loving and stop judging, is to replace the judgments with loving and compassionate thoughts. So in that moment of upset, ‘Who have I been judging? Who can I now start accepting and extending compassion towards? There is how I can be truly helpful, right there in that moment.’” In our moments of confusion, despair, anger, depression or frustration, asking ourselves these questions throughout our day, we can “re-present” God in every situation. Of course, it all then comes down to forgiveness for ourselves, through our experiences with others, as we remember that our judgments and opinions of ourselves and them are keeping us separate. In this podcast, as well as in all her spiritual classes, Jennifer shares her spiritual tips and tools to learn how to forgive and prayers to help us Partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self to begin truly living A Course in Miracles. Become Jennifer’s Prayer Partner in her Prayer of the Day and read her daily inspiration at

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