Forgiving When We’ve Been Betrayed

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Betrayal comes to us in many forms - betrayal by a loved one in a relationship, our health by means of illness or injury, our coworkers in our daily interactions on the job, our cars if they’re not functioning properly, even people that we meet in our daily lives, the ones that take our parking spaces or push in front of us in line. We feel betrayed by all these experiences when people and things don't behave as we’d like.  A Course in Miracles teaches, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists,” and therefore betrayal is part of the illusion. ACIM students know that these experiences of betrayal are not “real” -- but they can be so painful in our spiritual journey! Jennifer Hadley shares inspiration through her own spiritual journey how self- forgiveness for seeing these events in our life incorrectly. When we see through our own perceptions and projections of our false beliefs that betrayal is possible, we can apply the Workbook Lesson, “I must have made a wrong decision, because I am not at peace,” and use Jennifer’s included  prayer for us to surrender all the instances of betrayal that we are experiencing to the Holy Spirit. In addition, Jennifer is offering spiritual training in the form of workshop classes this Fall to help us further our spiritual development and growth. Please visit for additional information. 

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