Healing Disappointment


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Disappointment can be the suffering that goes on for a lifetime. Do you dread disappointment at the holiday times? When it comes to holiday gatherings, do you expect to be let down, AGAIN? Every time you have a family gathering, does it bring up old hurts that seem to never heal? Jennifer Hadley knows exactly how you feel! You've read all the books and taken all the classes-now you can have a living practice of Love that purifies your relationships, finances, and your whole life! In this week's episode, Jennifer shares how she's been able to TRULY heal-TO THE CORE-those old hurts and resentments through LIVING A Course in Miracles-not just studying it. Let Jennifer Hadley share how to get the results you'd like. Every time the holidays roll around, it's an opportunity to have great healing and release the hold the past has on your life.

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