Honesty Is a Characteristic of God’s Teachers

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In today's radio show, “Honesty is a Characteristic of God’s Teachers” Jennifer Hadley shares with us her own experiences of consistently trusting Spirit in all her decisions, revealing the perfection in allowing Spirit to lead. “Honesty”, as defined in A Course in Miracles, is consistency, is the #2 characteristic of God’s Teachers in the Manual for Teachers, second only to “trust”. Having consistency in our spiritual journey, through development and growth of our spiritual practice, reveals our blocks to Love that can trip us up and cause experiences of conflict, pain, irritation, lack, limitation and other difficulties that we experience on a daily basis. Spirit calls us to relinquish our ego attachment to our beliefs and trust that everything is for our good -- everything -- and Jennifer coaches us to a clearer understanding of the “tiny, mad idea” that keeps us separate from our Higher Holy Spirit Self. In addition, Jennifer offers spiritual guidance and clear spiritual direction in ways for us to be more effective in applying ACIM in our own lives. She coaches us, through the wisdom of the Course teachings, to bring about opportunities to experience more Love, Peace, and Joy through our consistent willingness to heal our self-deceptive belief in separation. Additionally, with the tools of her weekly Sacred Circle Spiritual Counseling, Daily Inspiration in her “Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso” and Prayer of the Day, we can experience our own spiritual awakening through truly living A Course in Miracles.

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