Living in the Answered Prayer


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One of the most common MIS-takes that spiritual seekers make is they actually reject the answered prayer. Their mind is confused-one minute they want the Peace of God and the next minute they have thoughts of revenge. This confusion leads to the inability to recognize and receive the answered prayer. A Course in Miracles guides us gently and clearly to accept our own answered prayer. Are you willing? In this week's episode, Jennifer Hadley shares how you can quickly and easily become much more masterful in your day-to-day experience of life. Developing a deep sense of personal mastery in the ability to see, hear, know, and feel clearly the highest and best in every moment is what A Course in Miracles teaches us. Your masterful life awaits you-this you already know. The question is only whether or not you will choose it today or choose to delay. When you really know what you're waiting for you, will you ask yourself, Why wait? If you're waiting for your best life to start, ask yourself, Why?

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