Real Purpose of This World Is?

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Have you ever wondered what the real purpose of this world of illusion is? If you've been studying A Course in Miracles, you probably have come to the point of asking, "If this world is an illusion then what's it for? What is the purpose of this? Will somebody please tell me?!" In the text it says, "The real purpose of this world is to use it to correct your unbelief." In this week's episode of A Course in Miracles: Living the Love, Walking the Talk, Jennifer Hadley shares how quickly you can correct that unbelief. This correction is the gift you can give yourself is to believe in your TRUE self. Your true self has never been broken or diminished or confused. Your TRUE self has never experienced lack and knows nothing about it. Why? Because lack doesn't exist. Lack is actually an illusion. It's impermanent, temporal, and part of our experience in the illusion of separation. Your true nature is worth believing in! Join Jennifer Hadley and discover a deeper understanding of A Course in Miracles, to liberate yourself from lack!

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