Spiritual Wake-up Call

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Are you getting your spiritual wake-up call and hitting the snooze button? Do you prefer to manage and cope with problems rather than transcend and transmute them because you think you don't have what it takes? God has what it takes, and you ARE empowered to rise up out of coping, confusion, despair, lack, and limitation. You must choose it. ACIM clearly tells us HOW to wake-up. Are you reading the book, but not living it? Then, you are hitting the spiritual snooze button. Are you willing to wake-up and receive divine inspiration? In this week's episode, Jennifer Hadley shares how she learned to stop sleepwalking through life by truly Living A Course in Miracles! As always, Jennifer shares her own challenges and experiences in stepping into a miraculous life. Now is the time of your liberation-don't sleep through it! To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visit JenniferHadley.com.

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