Stop Playing Small

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Are you feeling it? Are you feeling the challenge of old EGO PATTERNS coming up to be healed? It can feel very intense. It's like the pressure it takes to turn the lump of coal into a clear, pristine diamond. Often that work seems to take place in the darkness. That's what playing small is-living in the darkness of ego identification. The pressure you're feeling is to fully turn to the light of your being and value that above all else. A Course in Miracles gives us clear steps to lead us to our diamond heart if we are willing. In this week's episode, Jennifer Hadley shares her awareness that the vision of your diamond heart is always pulling you. The pain of ego attachments is always pushing you. There is a buried treasure in your heart. A Course in Miracles teaches us how to access that treasure and share it to bring benefit to others. Be willing to stop playing small today! Today's the day!

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