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Q – I have a friend who would love to be a part of this class! If I send you a message with her information, can you add my friend to the class roster so she can get the emails and information?

A – No. Due to various spam laws and regulations, we cannot add anyone to our mailing list without their permission. Please ask your friend to go to https://livingacourseinmiracles.com and sign up for herself.


Q – I am having trouble listening to the recordings. How can I listen with fewer technical glitches?

A – If you’re having trouble listening to the recordings online, try using the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox. You can download this browser for free at https://www.mozilla.com. It works on both MAC and PC.

Q – I would like to call in and listen to the call in a way that does not cost me long distance charges. Is there a local number in my area where I can connect and listen live?

A – Yes. To find a local call in number, go to our Local Numbers Page.

QWhen do the 48 hours of free replay start? Are they available for 48 hours after the live call is complete or from the moment they are posted to your website?

A – The replays are available for 48 hours after the moment they are posted to the website. The edits and technical steps for getting the replays posted vary from week to week, and we want to make sure that you have the full 48 hours to benefit from the replays and take notes.

Q – I signed up for the class late and missed the weeks that came before now. How can I listen to classes after the 48 hour replay period is over?

A – Yes. You can choose among packages that let you listen, download or even have CD copies of the classes. Find out more on our Schedule page.


Q – I wanted to purchase one of the packages but I have lost the e-mail with the links for purchase. Is it too late to make a purchase?

A – No, it is not too late. You can go to the Schedule page to purchase any of this season’s packages.

Q – I have purchased the Silver package or Gold package and am interested in the Platinum package. Can I upgrade my package from Silver or Gold without having to pay the full Platinum price?

A – Yes. When you purchase a Silver or Gold package you may upgrade to the Platinum package by paying only the difference between the two packages plus the shipping and handling fees required for your shipping address.

The upgrade options are available only on your password protected product page. To purchase an upgrade, click the appropriate link in the right-hand column of your password protected product page.


Q – I purchased the one of the Packages (Silver, Gold or Platinum) but I haven’t been able to access it. How do I access my purchase?

A – Your e-mail system may have sent the e-mail with log-in information to your junk mail or spam box. Please check your spam box for any e-mails from us.

If you do not locate an e-mail from us with your log-in and password, please respond to the e-mail confirmation/receipt of your order and provide us with the details of your issue. If you can’t find your e-mail receipt, send a note to [email protected] with your details, and be sure to include the e-mail address you used to make the purchase. We will confirm your order and get back to you as promptly as possible with your log-in information.

Q – I have purchased the Gold or Platinum package and have received my passwords. I should be able to download the audios, but every time I click the link the Download Audio link, it starts playing the recording in another tab. How do I download the file to my computer?

A – Right click the download link. Whether you’re on Mac or PC, right-clicking the link calls up a menu that lets you choose to Save the link in a location you specify. Once you choose a location, the download process begins. NOTE: If you are on a Mac and you cannot right click, you need to fix your System Preferences. This is found under the Apple menu, which is usually on the top left of the screen. Select System Preferences… Mouse (under Hardware), this will allow you to select a Secondary Button. If everything on your Mouse Preferences says “Primary Button”, you will not be able to right click, the right click action is considered the “Secondary Button” on a Mac.


Q – I purchased the Platinum package–the one that includes the audio CDs and book of transcripts. Can you tell me when I can expect my order to arrive in the mail?

A – The physical components of the Platinum package for Living A Course In Miracles 3 are scheduled to be mailed out 6-8 weeks after the last tele-seminar class. The last class is June 28th. We plan to ship the physical components no later than the the week of August 19, 2013.

When your package ships, you’ll receive an e-mail that includes a tracking number so you can predict its arrival.

Q – I ordered the Platinum Package and have received a notice that the package has been shipped, but it is going to the wrong shipping address. Can I change the shipping address before my order is delivered?

A – You can change the shipping address of your delivery as follows. 1. Click the tracking link in your shipping notification e-mail. 2. On the UPS tracking page that appears in your browser, click the link called “Change Delivery”. 3. On the next page, set up a free UPS account. 4. On the next page, you can change the delivery of your package.

If you need to change your shipping address, do it as soon as you can for best results. Keep in mind that a new delivery address may cause you to incur additional shipping costs when your package arrives.

Q – I ordered the Gold package but have not received anything in the mail. When will I receive my products?

A – The Gold package includes online downloads only. It does not include any physical products to be shipped. If you’d like the bound transcripts and the audio CDs, purchase an upgrade from Gold to Platinum by clicking the link on the right side of your Gold member page.