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A Course in Miracles: Walking The Talk, Living the Love provides profound support for those who struggle to express their beliefs from moment to moment in their everyday lives. A Course in Miracles shows us the way out of suffering and into that true place of peace and joy. The only way to experience that amazing healing is to live the teachings of A Course in Miracles day by day. To succeed requires practical application, and on this program, Rev. Jennifer Hadley supports you in that!

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Masterful Living through A Course in Miracles

ACIM Study Group conversations – practical spiritual applications inspired by Disappearance of the Universe and A Course In Miracles.

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Prayer is the world’s most powerful technology! In just a few short minutes you can completely shift your mood, attitude, and rise up above the difficulties of life. Together we can use prayer to transcend time and space, to be the two or more who are gathered in the name of Love for our healing, inspiration and upliftment. The prayers in this podcast will lift you to Gratitude and to Spirit. Please visit for more daily inspiration, free classes and much more! Jennifer Hadley publishes a new prayer every day to support your spiritual growth and healing. Join with Jennifer now for a healing shift!

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