Stop Blocking the Miracle

3 things you can do NOW to activate your miraculous life of Love!

with Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley has led over 30,000 spiritual seekers to discover the benefits of truly Living A Course in Miracles. Her methods support seekers in deepening their divine understanding so they can be truly helpful. She has been working as a spiritual writer, speaker, teacher and counselor in Los Angeles since 1998.

An active minister, Science of Mind practitioner and spiritual counselor, Jennifer Hadley completed all her training at and is licensed by the Agape International Spiritual Center founded by Michael Beckwith.

Jennifer Hadley offers Spiritual Counseling training and certification for those who wish to develop their gifts and help others.

Jennifer has been teaching her signature Living A Course in Miracles since 2011. Living A Course in Miracles is a global tele-class dedicated to serving A Course in Miracles students and has attracted well over 25,000 registrants worldwide.

In addition to classes and workshops of her own design, Rev. Jennifer has been the host of A Course in Miracles weekly radio show on the Unity Church online radio network since 2011. Search for Jennifer Hadley at iTunes and you can find hundreds of hours to support your journey of awakening – all free. To learn more about Jennifer Hadley, please visit

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