Miracle Circle Credo

A Credo is an idea or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group.

Our Living A Course in Miracles Community is made up of like-minded souls who are intending to actively BE the Love and shine the light of Love as their way of being. We have come to know that the personal practice of non-judgment; which is compassion and Love, is a healing spiritual practice that we can apply in every moment to experience an increase in the flow of Love in our lives.

We recognize that all experiences of separation come from our decision to judge. We are learning that detaching from our judgements improves the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us. All beings benefit when we stay in our loving heart, and our right mind.

We practice non-judgment and the releasing of all judgments through having compassionate, welcoming, respectful and honoring communication. By creating a sacred circle where everyone can feel safe, valued, seen and heard, we are all able to heal.

Our core values for sacred communication in our classes, partnerships, gatherings and
Miracle Circles are:

    • We agree to keep our Miracle Circle sharing confidential.
    • We agree to focus our discussions around applying the principles of A Course in Miracles, in our daily lives, and refrain from an intellectual discussion/analysis.
    • We intend to listen and be attuned to the Spirit rather than the ego.
    • We see each other as whole and perfect, therefore no one needs our unsolicited advice. If someone requests support in the form of suggestions, we share what has worked for us, or what we might do, while being mindful that we have no way to know what anyone else “should” do.
    • We respect each other’s sharing, knowing that when we respect others, we respect our Self because all is one. This makes our gatherings a safe space for people to be transparent, authentic and real without worry or fear of being judged.
    • Together we practice being present in the now through active compassionate, and reflective listening, remembering that Love is our healer. We take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions as part of our spiritual practice. We are willing to recognize that we are responsible for the world we see without blaming anyone including ourselves.
    • Through listening with ears of Love, we get to practice moving out of our intellect (ego) and into our heart (Spirit).
    • We practice mindfulness and are mindful of our time when sharing so that others will have time to share also.
    • We respect each others’ opinions and judgments without making them wrong or needing to change or correct them. Through Love, respect and compassion we heal our belief in lack, limitation and separation.
    • While it’s fun to be social, we keep our attention on the purpose of our gatherings and circles, which is our awakening to the truth that sets us free. We intend to have a healing connection that is also light hearted and fun. We remember to laugh!
    • We trust that our gatherings are a sacred process of healing and transformation and that we are all being led and guided by Spirit.
    • We are actively dissolving suffering caused by separation thinking through connecting with each other and practicing Love and compassion, including Self-compassion and forgiveness.
    • We hold a sacred space for each other, which is the active practice of knowing the truth for others when they might not see it for themselves. We treat each other with kindness.
    • We all lead busy lives, and so we do our best to keep and honor our agreements and show up on time, and end on time. Consistency, sincerity, honesty, and trustworthiness are part of our spiritual practice. Through mindfulness we practice being fully present, and avoid multitasking and doing things that are distracting while in Mastery Circle.
    • If someone in the circle seems to disrespect the values we hold, our first response is to recognize an opportunity to let any judgment go, because we are learning that all judgment is self-judgment. All forgiveness is self-forgiveness. We’re learning to Love without conditions.
    • If we become triggered by anything (or anyone) in the circle, we receive it as an opportunity to recognize the Divine Alarm Clock going off – meaning that it’s an opportunity for us to heal some false belief we have and remember the truth that sets us free.
    • We practice knowing that while we are perfect in our spiritual nature, if we seem less than perfect in our human experience we are still fully lovable and we help each other in knowing that!