Letting Go of False Idols


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False idols are the things we cherish in place of God. They are distractions that keep us from realizing the truth and experiencin... Read More

Making the Inner Shift


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We can shift out of madness into right-mindedness, but we can’t do it alone. There are tools available to us that make healing a... Read More

The Attraction of Victimhood


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Sometimes we feel inexplicably drawn to think and behave like a victim. There’s something strangely comforting about blaming oth... Read More

Recovering from Deep Wounding


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When we’ve been intensely wounded and deeply hurt, whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental, it can feel as though recovery... Read More

Don’t Give Up!


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It can be so tempting to give up on ourselves, if even for a crucial moment. At times our life can seem impossible or worthless an... Read More

Forgiving Our Fathers


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One of the saddest things that happens sometimes is when a parent passes away and children feel tremendous grief because they have... Read More

Forgiveness Brings Miracles


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ACIM teaches us that being miracle minded requires us to forgive our resentments and regrets. We’re told that forgiveness is the... Read More

Breaking Painful Habits


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Whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical pain, ACIM tells us that “this need not be.” And yet we still choose the very th... Read More

Living ACIM from a Deeper Foundation with kironJ Gardner


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kironJ Gardner has been a guest before. Her experience of truly living ACIM has made her a master teacher and counselor. Like Jenn... Read More

What I Love About ACIM


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We can apply the teachings of ACIM and see real results that are immediate and life changing. In fact, ACIM teaches us to live in ... Read More

Grandeur vs. Grandiosity


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We live in despair when we’re unwilling or unable to recognize our magnificence. The most prevalent illness in this world is one... Read More

Fear of Not Enough Time


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The fear that there’s not enough time occupies many people’s minds, sending them into managing and coping with the circumstanc... Read More

Living in a State of Grace


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God’s infinite grace saves us. It redeems and restores us in our own mind. We can count on the grace of God, but so often we’r... Read More

Depression Demolition


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Many spiritual students are sensitive people who find this world difficult, dark, and depressing. It seems so far from the loving ... Read More

Guilt and Projection


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We’re taught, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” What about: “What you project onto others will be projecte... Read More

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