The Authority Problem


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ACIM tells us that the “authority problem” is the root of all evil. Wow! Let’s be clear about what this is! When we make ego... Read More

Pleasure and Sacrifice


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Everyone likes to feel good. We find the pleasures we enjoy and seek out more of them. All pleasure is of the body and all temptat... Read More

Love and Sacrifice


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We’ve been taught that love requires sacrifice, yet we’re afraid of sacrifice because it seems hurtful. Our sacrifices are som... Read More

Curing Passive-Aggressive Patterns


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The ego thought system is one that undermines our happiness at every turn, yet we still can find ourselves repeating the same pain... Read More

The Light You Bring


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It’s difficult to believe that the Light within us is the same Light that will restore us. When we extend and share Love and Lig... Read More

The Origins of Separation Thinking


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We only have one problem according to ACIM. And that problem is our belief in separation, which does not exist. How did we get her... Read More

Magical Thinking Perpetuates Suffering


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ACIM teaches us that magical thinking perpetuates suffering. What is magical thinking? How can we get rid of it? In this week’s ... Read More

Pain Relief


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ACIM teaches us how to move from learning through pain to learning through joy. No one who begins this journey feels worthy of tha... Read More

Accept the Highest and Best


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Because we’re all part of the one life of God, united, the highest and best for anyone is the highest and best for everyone. Thi... Read More

Transcending Stress


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Living A Course in Miracles offers tremendous relief from stress, worry, anxiety, and depression. Of course, that doesn... Read More

Living A Course in Miracles


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Living ACIM is so different from studying it. The teaching is already written in our heart, and if we’re willing, we can find it... Read More

Abundant Willingness


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Sometimes we deceive ourselves into believing that we’re willing when we are so far from it. We miss out on the healing because ... Read More

Walking with Christ


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Walking the talk and living the love means walking with Christ. It means being willing to recognize the Christ within o... Read More

Growth Without Guilt


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It’s remarkable how much guilt gets in the way of our spiritual growth. We can become aware of the carefully cultivated habits o... Read More

Cultivating Invulnerability


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We can walk in the world feeling invulnerable, but it does require some work at the level of the mind. The good news is that we ca... Read More

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