Attraction of Guilt – Part 1


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We are attracted to guilt because we believe in separation. We look for reasons to feel guilty, and we invent new ones, and we can... Read More

The Obstacles to Peace – Part 2


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The Peace of God is ours forever and when we release the obstacles to Peace we remember this is so. Let's claim our inheritance!. ... Read More

The Obstacles to Peace – Part 1


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It's so crazy to think that we don't experience the Peace of God because we're more interested in the blocks to Peace than in havi... Read More

The Greatest Accomplishment


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The greatest accomplishment requires only our willingness. What a comfort it is to know that we don't have to figure anything out.... Read More

Success Is Guaranteed


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When we're willing, we can accelerate the end of confusion and pain and draw to our awareness the perfect Peace of God. We don't h... Read More

The Best Defense


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Any time we're defending ourselves we're actually attacking and we've forgotten to be loving. It's tricky, but we can learn to val... Read More

We Are Eternal


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It's easy to get caught up in the world without realizing that the world we see is an effect of our choices and thoughts. We worry... Read More

Making Way for Miracles


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We can't be both focused on pain and problems while simultaneously available for miracles, inspiration and the Glory of God to be ... Read More

Trading Pain for Happiness


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In this world, we're taught to believe that our circumstances and situations cause us pain. ACIM teaches us that it's our thought... Read More

Fear & Weakness Transformed


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Feeling frightened, weak and afraid is an awful feeling. Many people don't even realize that they've fallen into managing and copi... Read More

I Do Not Know What Anything Is For


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Workbook Lesson #25 is a pillar in the teachings of ACIM. Learn it for your liberation! This week Jennifer shares the way she's ap... Read More

Walk In Peace


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How can we be at Peace when we're focused on playing small and living in lack and limitation? We're designed to express our magnif... Read More

The War Against Yourself


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Since all is one, is it possible for us to actually have an enemy? Or are enemies simply our own self-hatred projected outwards? D... Read More

God’s Plan for Salvation


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There's a plan for salvation that we can easily follow and it will not fail. All we need is some willingness and then we're on the... Read More

The Reward of Teaching


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Did you know that all of heaven is for us and because of this we cannot fail to remember the truth that sets us free. We're being ... Read More

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