David Hoffmeister


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David Hoffmeister has been traveling the world for decades sharing this message of A Course in Miracles. The time for us to awaken... Read More

Freedom and Faith


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In order to experience true freedom, we will have to make freedom our goal. As Gandhi said, "The ends is in the means." A Course ... Read More

Mastering Manifestation


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It's very popular in New Thought teachings to focus on being able to be a Master Manifestor. That's not the teaching of A Course i... Read More

Your Good Awaits You!


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Many spiritual students have been studying spiritual principle for years only to attain an intellectual understanding that they do... Read More

True Success!


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This week, author Tama Kieves joins Jennifer Hadley and shares from her personal experience of going from being depressed and suic... Read More

Living a Miraculous Life!


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It's hard to believe that you can live a truly miraculous life, and that it can unfold with such grace. This is the promise of A C... Read More

Your Liberation Awaits You!


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Did you know that the hidden false beliefs are always going to disturb your peace? It's really not possible to have a consistently... Read More

Cultivating a Clear View


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Our deliverance from suffering and misery is always within our grasp. The key is our willingness. We must be willing to see clearl... Read More

Living in Grace


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Divine Grace is always active, always available to us. If you're not experiencing the Grace of God in your life, it's because you'... Read More

The Key to Miraculous Healing


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People often have a desire for healing, and particularly miraculous results, without having a clear understanding of what healing ... Read More

True Healing


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Healing doesn't just happen. Healing is the result of our spiritual practice. Healing is the result of our being willing to align ... Read More

Development of Trust

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One of the most helpful teachings of A Course in Miracles is in the Manual for Teachers section on trust. Developing trust in God ... Read More

David Fishman: The Open Mind


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A Course in Miracles student David Fishman has been sharing his passion for the truth for more than 30 years. His latest book is T... Read More

Healing the Habit of Making Negative Meaning


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A Course in Miracles' Lesson Two reminds us that we've made and assigned the meaning for everything in our lives. Sometimes we dev... Read More

Truly Helpful


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One of the most beautiful teachings of A Course in Miracles is the inspiration to be truly helpful. It's an immediate call to surr... Read More

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