Fear and Self-Deception


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We can hide in our mind, but only for so long. When we feel fear, it means that we’re deceiving ourselves, and it’s a kind of ... Read More

Healing My Mind About the World


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When the world is in such turmoil, we can help with our spiritual practice. Changing our mind about the world is the most potent t... Read More

ACIM and Racism


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Racism is an expression of separation thinking. Do we work in the world to change the world, or do we only work in our mind? How c... Read More

God’s Voice Speaks to Us Throughout the Day


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How can we recognize Spirit’s voice? How can we have the courage and strength to follow what we’re being told? How do we devel... Read More

Break the Habit of Lack


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In this world, especially in times of great fear, it’s easy to believe that things are happening to us. Over and over again, we ... Read More

How to Have Peace Instead of Worry


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It doesn’t seem like it, but peace is a choice. We can develop simple practices that clean the mind of the thoughts and beliefs ... Read More

Choosing Consistent Happiness


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Have you ever made choices that you knew would make you unhappy—and did it anyway? Have you had the opportunity to choose happin... Read More

Healing Power of Prayer


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It’s been scientifically proven that prayer is a powerful means for healing, but still we shy away from the power of prayer. Why... Read More

Cultivating a Healthy Sense of Self


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The most prevalent illness in this world is the mental illness of a false sense of self. Many people have spent most of their live... Read More

Healing Hatred


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Sometimes the unhealed past gets triggered in our mind and we can feel hatred spring forth uninvited. When there’s the feeling o... Read More

When We Feel Threatened


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When there’s a perceived threat in the world, there’s a misunderstanding. Our relief from fear comes from relieving our mind o... Read More

Vision of Holiness


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Let us welcome a vision of holiness for all the world. Let us live our life from a vision of holiness and illuminate our entire li... Read More

How Are Healing and Atonement Related?

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Now’s the time for us to be crystal clear about how healing works. There’s a lot we can learn and practice, and it might drama... Read More

Transforming Terror Into Peace

03/24/2020    Download Transcript

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Fear is like a virus that can seem to infect us and be transmitted all around the world. Appearances are deceiving. Now is the tim... Read More

Accepting the Unacceptable

03/17/2020    Download Transcript

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Acceptance plays a part in our spiritual growth. Having the courage to accept what has been, and what is can bring peace of mind. ... Read More

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