Are You A Teacher of God?


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The ACIM Manual for Teachers is dedicated to understanding what it is to be a Teacher of God. Are you one? Would you like to be? W... Read More

Perception And Our Reality


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A fundamental teaching of the course is that our perception is projection. Just how do we know when we're deluded by perception an... Read More

Beyond the Body


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One of the most fundamental teachings of ACIM is "I am not a body." We can get that intellectually, and still it takes great willi... Read More

Sickness & Self-Love


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There's a correlation between sickness and Self-Love that many of us don't wish to know about. Is it possible to heal ourselves wi... Read More

The Guiltless Mind Cannot Suffer


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There's a way of undoing the guilt that causes the suffering. It seems difficult only because we're so invested in seeing ourselve... Read More

Living With Holy Purpose – kironJ Gardner


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Are you living from a holy purpose or an ego purpose? Sometimes we get confused or we're not sure. In our remembering the truth ab... Read More

Release From Fear


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When we feel afraid, and especially when terror strikes, it seems to grip us in a way that forces us into reacting, and coping. Wh... Read More

Fear of Healing


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When healing seems elusive, whether it's mental, emotional, physical, financial or any other area of our lives, it can be that we ... Read More

When Ego’s In Charge Of Your Spirituality


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A surprising number of spiritual students have put the ego in charge of their spiritual practice and they don't even realize it. T... Read More

The Decision to Forget


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Our journey of awakening is a journey of re-cognizing the truth. We often describe our remembrance of the truth as learning, but i... Read More

Light of The Holy Relationship


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The holy relationship offers SO MUCH MORE than just a great relationship. It brings a relief from hell and suffering that is not i... Read More

Living By Faith Instead of Fear


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Many people live their life in reaction to what they see in the world, rather than making their decisions from a place of faith. L... Read More

Accessing Spiritual Wisdom & Insight


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It can seem hard to believe, but the wisdom of Spirit is awake and alive within us. The only reason we don't feel tuned in and tap... Read More

How Is Peace Possible?


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It seems as though Peace is impossible in this world. When it’s so hard for those of us who claim to be pacifists to maintain a ... Read More

Power of Oneness with kironJ Gardner


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The body as a learning tool presents so many opportunities to help us remember our true identity in Spirit. kironJ Gardner shares ... Read More

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