Your Answered Prayer


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All New Thought teachings focus on developing an understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect and how it operates in our lives. We... Read More

Healing the Habit of Worry


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A worried mind is not at peace. We have already experienced that worry takes its toll on us, physically and emotionally. For some,... Read More

Strengthen or Weaken?


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One of the most insidious habits of self-sabotage is the choice to be defensive. Many times spiritual students find themselves on ... Read More

Finding Freedom Within


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Many spiritual students are looking to find freedom through doing something or getting something. This is the path that leads ever... Read More

Are You Mad at God?


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Believe it or not, it's pretty common for people to be angry at God. Rhonda Britten, Science of Mind practitioner, life coach, TV ... Read More

Intuition and Prayer With Gary Renard

06/26/2012    Download Transcript

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Two of the most common questions spiritual students have are "How do we pray?" and "How do we know the voice of intuition from the... Read More

How to Have a Spiritual Breakthrough!


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A Course in Miracles guides us through a spiritual awakening to remember our true identity as the perfect givers and receivers of ... Read More

Father’s Day Makeover!


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Many of us have unresolved issues with our parents, and in particular, our dads. A Course in Miracles supports us in getting to tr... Read More

When Temptation Calls, Choose Again!


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We're all challenged by temptations. There are so many kinds of temptations, and every single one of them serves the same purpose:... Read More

The Body as a Means of Communication


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A Course in Miracles is a curriculum to help us remember that we are pure Spirit-holy and free, and that we are not a body. The wo... Read More

Mother’s Day Makeover!

05/08/2012    Download Transcript

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Have you had challenges with your mother that are still unresolved? Or perhaps you have challenges AS a mother yourself. Do you re... Read More

Love Holds No Grievances!


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Lesson 68, "Love holds no grievances," is a favorite for many. Even the name of the lesson seems crystal clear to most of us, and ... Read More

Miraculous, Magical and Mystical: What’s the Difference?


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There's a substantial difference between the miraculous and the magical according to A Course in Miracles, and it's valuable to un... Read More

Ask and It Is Given: Prayer Works!


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Have you been "asking" and NOT receiving? Have you been praying and feeling that nothing is shifting? Are you feeling like you don... Read More

Dream Support!


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A Course in Miracles, like many ancient spiritual teachings, reminds us that we are the dreamer of the dream. Our experience of li... Read More

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