Releasing Romantic Attachment

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Disappointment and hurt in romance is one of the most distressing things we can experience. It's so easy to get attached to a pers... Read More

Spiritual Romance

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What is Spiritual Romance and how does it relate to a Holy Relationship? Are you willing to allow your relationship to be made hol... Read More

Relationship Forgiveness

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Resentments and regrets in our relationships are so common. Even though we already have proven that it keeps us from having succes... Read More

Your Decision to See!

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To activate the life-changing benefits of A Course in Miracles as quickly as possible, make the decision to see the truth that set... Read More

Working the ACIM Workbook!


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Are you just reading A Course in Miracles without really working it? If you're feeling is that you're not really awakening and fee... Read More

How to Make It Easier!

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Do you make it harder for yourself? As crazy as it sounds, many people intentionally make life much harder on themselves because o... Read More

Stop Managing and Coping!

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Are you managing and coping instead of transforming and transcending? It's easy to lose perspective and find ourselves going down ... Read More

ACIM: Your Path of Liftoff!

12/31/2013    Download Transcript

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Do you clearly know your next steps to open your mind, heal your heart, and claim your awakening? In this week's episode, Jennifer... Read More

Trust and Faith


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Do you have trust issues? Having an unshakable faith is a necessary ingredient to waking up. In this week's episode, Jennifer Hadl... Read More

Maximize Your Healing


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How to maximize your healing is what Jennifer Hadley shares this week. Challenges contain our answered prayer, but it doesn't alwa... Read More

Transcending Limitations


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Living in limitation is so painful and yet it seems to creep up on many of us. Before we know it, we're managing, coping, and sett... Read More

Masterful Ministry


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Rhonda Britten and Kathryn Alice, two long-time spiritual practitioners from the Agape community and friends of Jennifer Hadley ar... Read More

Healing Disappointment


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Disappointment can be the suffering that goes on for a lifetime. Do you dread disappointment at the holiday times? When it comes t... Read More

Healing Lack and Attack

11/19/2013    Download Transcript

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"All thought produces form at some level." Thoughts of lack and attack can only produce more of the same. It's the law of cause an... Read More

Family Freedom!

11/12/2013    Download Transcript

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Does your family seem stuck like flypaper to old repeating negative patterns? This is YOUR opportunity to PROVE GOD for yourself-i... Read More

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