I Need Do Nothing


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This is one of the more challenging truths in the A Course in Miracles teaching: I need do nothing-and yet it is profound and powe... Read More

Colin Tipping: Forgiveness and Relationships


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Forgiveness is the key to Freedom! Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness and Expanding Into Love, is our expert in relation... Read More

Abundance Is Your Inheritance


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Access your abundance! This is the core message of A Course in Miracles. The ego teaches us lack and limitation, and the Spirit re... Read More

Gary Renard, Author of “Love Has Forgotten No One”

08/27/2013      Download Transcript

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Gary Renard, author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality is Jennifer Hadley's guest this week to share a... Read More

Pause for Inspiration

08/20/2013      Download Transcript

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Mary Gerard Lenihan is Jennifer Hadley's guest this week. Mary is a longtime student of A Course in Miracles and the author of sev... Read More

Let Spirit Do the Heavy Lifting!


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You may not realize it, but most spiritual students are trying to do it all themselves. They're missing some of the key EASY BUTTO... Read More

Activate Your Healing


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Feeling stuck? Do you feel as though you ought to be experiencing a lot more freedom in your heart and mind after all the spiritua... Read More

Key to Success


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If you don't feel successful in your spiritual studies, you may be missing an important key. It's as obvious as the nose on your f... Read More

Bustin’ Loose From Fear!


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Fear is not what most people think it is. How can you eliminate fear if you don't understand it? You can find complete freedom fro... Read More

Healing Negative Patterns


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Patterns of false belief can become so strong that it seems as if they are true. A thought such as "I'm not good enough" can be th... Read More

True Liberation!


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This week in the United States we're celebrating Independence Day. As spiritual students, we know independence is not something th... Read More

Faith Activation


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Worry is the negative use of faith. It is a faith in a power that is opposed to Love. Doubt is a belief in an alternate power. A C... Read More

How to BE Happy


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Becoming the "happy learner" is what A Course in Miracles teaches us. When we decide to really GO FOR IT, it's amazing the results... Read More

Healing Fast Track


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"All healing is at the level of the mind." This is the teaching of A Course in Miracles, and yet how many of us are able to live i... Read More

ACIM in the Workplace


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You can transform your career, your finances, and your experience in the workplace through truly living A Course in Miracles. It r... Read More

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