Miraculous, Magical and Mystical: What’s the Difference?


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There's a substantial difference between the miraculous and the magical according to A Course in Miracles, and it's valuable to un... Read More

Ask and It Is Given: Prayer Works!


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Have you been "asking" and NOT receiving? Have you been praying and feeling that nothing is shifting? Are you feeling like you don... Read More

Dream Support!


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A Course in Miracles, like many ancient spiritual teachings, reminds us that we are the dreamer of the dream. Our experience of li... Read More

It’s Always About Surrender!


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In the Manual for Teachers, there is a list of the "Characteristics of God's Teachers," and it tells us the most important of thes... Read More

You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think!


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Lesson 5 in the workbook is "I am never upset for the reason I think." This is both super helpful and deeply challenging. It's bas... Read More

If It’s an Illusion, Why Bother?


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One of the most challenging things for ACIM students is the illusory nature of our experience in this 3-D reality versus eternal R... Read More

Your Plans vs. The Divine Plan


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Lesson 135 tells us "A healed mind does not plan." What??? Can you really live without plans? What would that actually mean? Lesso... Read More

Feel-Full-Ment v. Fulfillment


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Do you find that there's no end to the wanting and craving? Do you feel that time and again you're experiencing a sense of lack an... Read More

Stop the Suffering—Live the Loving!

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Relationships are the greatest gift. Each and every relationship we have is a relationship we're having with God, with Love itself... Read More

Relationship Transformation—Living the Love

02/21/2012    Download Transcript

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Do you judge your loved ones and invest your precious life-energy into trying to manage, control and manipulate them to be what yo... Read More

Holy Relationship—Divine Valentine


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It's Valentine's Day, that time of year when the "special" relationship competition is ON! Now is the time to make your sweetheart... Read More

You’re Already Complete!

02/07/2012    Download Transcript

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As illustrated in the movie Jerry Maguire, there's a romantic notion that our "soul mate" will complete us. People think that thei... Read More

Love Your Loved Ones—Give Up the Battle!


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Do you find that you've given yourself permission to think thoughts of lack and attack about your loved ones? Do you judge the peo... Read More

Leaving the Past Behind: Stepping Into the Unprecedented


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One of the main teachings of ACIM is that most people are simply re-experiencing their history. If we don't heal the past and get ... Read More

Stop Playing Small—Access Your Magnificence


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So many lightworkers and spiritual seekers nurse a secret despair because they know they are not living up to their spiritual pote... Read More

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