Resurrection or Crucifixion?


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Resurrection and crucifixion are both choices that we have. You can tell what you’re choosing by how you feel. Crucifixion requi... Read More

Stop Going It Alone


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For many of us, we’ve learned that depending upon others is a recipe for disappointment. We’ve trained ourselves to be indepen... Read More

Salvation from Fear


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In ACIM, Jesus offers us a way out of living in fear. We’ve taught ourselves how to live in fear, and the way out is t... Read More

Escape from the Cruel War


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We can experience heaven now and forever if we’re willing. We are worthy of a happy and heavenly existence, but we have to activ... Read More

Let Christ Work Through You


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When it feels like life is hard and nearly impossible, when it feels like you’re walking through peanut butter, and you can’t ... Read More

Becoming a Lucid Dreamer with kironJ Gardner


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Sometimes we can be sleepwalking through life, believing we’re awake to what’s going on in and around us, but in actuality we... Read More

Cultivating Intuition and Insight


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One of the most common issues we have is being confused about intuition and ego. How can we tell the difference? Since the ego tho... Read More

Quit the Subtle Attack


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The ego’s sneak attacks are often so sneaky that we don’t even notice them. All we can feel is the vibrational shift, and we... Read More

Recognizing Resistance


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Everyone has resistance to spiritual awakening. It shows up in many different ways, but it all has the same effect: delaying our h... Read More

All Are Worthy


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So many of God’s teachers struggle with a sense of unworthiness. We are the kingdom, the treasure of God. We are worthy of what ... Read More

Living the Answered Prayer


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So many people don’t believe in prayer because they feel their prayers just disappear into the void without a response. ACI... Read More

From Despair to Fulfilling Your Destiny!


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We’re all healers. We work for God, Inc. We can heal our own minds, and in doing so, we help all humanity heal because we share ... Read More

What Is Atonement?


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Atonement is one of those words that ACIM uses in a particular way that you may not understand until you study these te... Read More

The Simplicity of Salvation


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We can transmute and transcend the temptations to make choices that contribute to our pain and suffering. We can decide for that w... Read More

The Truth Behind Illusions


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How crazy is it that we’ve made up this illusory world and yet we fight against it? We’re tilting at windmills like Don Quixot... Read More

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