Finding God’s Good in Your Finances


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Too many smart, spiritually connected, talented individuals are blocked by subtle or obvious anxieties and resentments, and feelin... Read More

Finding Freedom

11/08/2011      Download Transcript

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So many spiritual seekers would like profound insight, healing and wisdom. They dream of true and lasting transformation-but they ... Read More


11/01/2011      Download Transcript

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It is far more difficult to forgive ourselves than to forgive other people, and yet self-forgiveness seems a required step on the ... Read More

Embodying Wisdom


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When you discover a new idea, it is easy to adopt it as an espoused theory. The real question is how to go from having an espoused... Read More

Undo the Ego and Put an End to Suffering

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To create a fulfilling relationship with the Divine, you must gently unwind the ego and its subtle ways of creating suffering. Re... Read More

Making It Personal With A Course in Miracles


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Some people may feel discouraged when studying A Course in Miracles, because it often seems dense or challenging. You'll feel new ... Read More

ACIM Around the World

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Rev. Jennifer's guest this week is David Hoffmeister. Traveling for 19 years in 26 countries to share the experience of God's unco... Read More

Ken Wapnick


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Rev. Jennifer Hadley interviews Ken Wapnick, Ph.D. Ken has been writing and teaching about A Course in Miracles since 1973. He was... Read More

Inaugural Episode: Forgiveness and Relationships

09/20/2011      Download Transcript

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Are your closest relationships your workshop for practicing your forgiveness skills? In this inaugural episode, Rev. Jennifer Hadl... Read More

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