Healing Power of Prayer


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It’s been scientifically proven that prayer is a powerful means for healing, but still we shy away from the power of prayer. Why... Read More

Cultivating a Healthy Sense of Self


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The most prevalent illness in this world is the mental illness of a false sense of self. Many people have spent most of their live... Read More

Healing Hatred


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Sometimes the unhealed past gets triggered in our mind and we can feel hatred spring forth uninvited. When there’s the feeling o... Read More

When We Feel Threatened


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When there’s a perceived threat in the world, there’s a misunderstanding. Our relief from fear comes from relieving our mind o... Read More

Vision of Holiness


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Let us welcome a vision of holiness for all the world. Let us live our life from a vision of holiness and illuminate our entire li... Read More

How Are Healing and Atonement Related?

03/31/2020    Download Transcript

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Now’s the time for us to be crystal clear about how healing works. There’s a lot we can learn and practice, and it might drama... Read More

Transforming Terror Into Peace

03/24/2020    Download Transcript

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Fear is like a virus that can seem to infect us and be transmitted all around the world. Appearances are deceiving. Now is the tim... Read More

Accepting the Unacceptable

03/17/2020    Download Transcript

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Acceptance plays a part in our spiritual growth. Having the courage to accept what has been, and what is can bring peace of mind. ... Read More

How to Know if You Have a Fear of God

03/10/2020    Download Transcript

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Many of us have a hidden fear of God, and it’s affecting our lives in ways we don’t even realize. Let’s bring the light into... Read More

Perception and Projection

03/03/2020    Download Transcript

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Our perceptions are our projections—what does that really mean? This is a cornerstone of the ACIM teaching and yet so often it i... Read More

The Sick Attraction of Guilt in Our Relationships

02/25/2020    Download Transcript

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ACIM tells us that the unconscious guilt is the thing that drives the ego mindset and causes our suffering. Special relationships ... Read More

Holy Spirit Relationship Healing

02/18/2020    Download Transcript

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Most of us are blocking the healing we desire most. The Holy Spirit offers us relationship healing 24/7. Are we willing to accept ... Read More

Self-Love Isn’t for Sissies

02/11/2020    Download Transcript

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If we don’t love ourselves, it shows up everywhere in our life as multiple problems, disappointments, difficulties, and worse. I... Read More

Healing the Relationship Fear Triggers

02/04/2020    Download Transcript

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Relationships can bring out our worst fears, and they can trigger our self-doubt and self-hatred. In this week’s episode, Jennif... Read More

Ending Cycles of Self-Sabotage

01/28/2020    Download Transcript

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The most serious illness that humanity has is the belief in unworthiness, which causes constant self-attacking thoughts. This self... Read More

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