Rewards of Love


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There are clear rewards to living a loving life, but sometimes we can lose sight of them. Sometimes choosing love is so challengin... Read More

Undoing Ego Thinking


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ACIM gives us clear direction on how to undo ego thinking, and we can put it to good use—if we’re willing. We can get attached... Read More

The Appeal of Hell


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Haven’t we all chosen hell when we didn’t have to? Sometimes we do it to spite ourselves or someone else. Sometimes we feel co... Read More

Worry and Anxiety Elimination


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When life is quite intense and it feels like there’s a storm on all fronts, we can still be at peace—if we know how. ACIM teac... Read More

Final Principle of Chaos


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Healing our hearts and our relationships is what understanding the final principle of chaos can help us with. When we know better,... Read More

The Fourth Law of Chaos


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It’s easy for us to become misled and deluded by the twisty, faulty, deceptive ego thought system. We shall overcome! In this we... Read More

The Third and Fourth Laws of Chaos


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The ego has rules by which it enables the madness and self-destruction of a life lived by the ego’s decisions. Recognizing the i... Read More

The Second Law of Chaos


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It helps to be able to recognize a negative mental pattern when it’s happening. When we can see that we’re clearly choosing so... Read More

The Laws of Chaos


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Are you aligned with the laws of chaos? Do you recognize the laws of chaos operating in your life? Some people intentionally gener... Read More

The Power of Holiness


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Holiness is much misunderstood, and yet it has a power that we can use. Now more than ever, we are being called to stand in the po... Read More

The Call for Faith


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You can never have too much faith. True faith, not blind hope, is the cornerstone of living a life without fear, worry, and anxiet... Read More

The Healing Power of Kindness


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We’re often looking outside ourselves for healing with diet, exercise, supplements, and all manner of things. Yet, true and last... Read More

How to Live Harmoniously


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It may seem that living harmoniously is a no-brainer, but if so, why are we struggling with it? Being able to be harmonious in dif... Read More

Are We Afraid of Redemption?


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Have you ever had the opportunity to redeem yourself, to go the other way, or to make amends and then said “No!” Why are we so... Read More

Denying the Delusion


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We make stuff up. We make up our perceptions and projections and get caught in a whole story that distracts us from the purpose of... Read More

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