The Light of the Holy Relationship


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Choosing holy relationships is healing, and holy relationships are healing in themselves. In fact, holy relationships are pure hea... Read More

Weakness and Defensiveness


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Few things indicate our feeling weak more than being defensive. In our perspective of being identified with the ego, we can even s... Read More

Be Not Afraid


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When Jesus walked the earth, he told us, “Be not afraid, for I have overcome the world.” In ACIM he’s teaching us to overcom... Read More

Waking from the Nightmare


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This world can feel surreal. It can feel like the dream it is. It can also feel like an absolute nightmare without end. We are the... Read More

When People Let You Down


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Disappointments are part of our life experience that we can shift. When people let us down, it can actually be a blessing in disgu... Read More

Punishment vs. Correction


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One of the strong beliefs in the ego thought system is that all people are sinners and all sinners need to be punished. That sinne... Read More

When the Pain Pushes So Hard


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There are times when it feels agonizing to be alive. It feels like it’s too much, and sometimes it feels like life isn’t worth... Read More

Reaching for Healthier Relationships


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It’s painful when people play small in their closest relationships. We sacrifice the holy relationship to maintain the special r... Read More

Living a Guided Life


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Many would like to be able to clearly perceive guidance from Spirit, but deep fears block the flow of insight and intuition. Peopl... Read More

Prosperity Is in Our Nature


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One of the major issues spiritual students have is they feel unworthy. Many have unhealed past life vows of poverty that are still... Read More

Accepting the Gifts of God


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The ego thought system is one of continuous lack and limitation. Yet the gifts of God are ours to receive in each moment—so, why... Read More

Grief Relief


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Grief can sneak up on us. We can grieve all kinds of things, from the loss of a job to the loss of our physical abilities. Sometim... Read More

Letting Go of False Idols


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False idols are the things we cherish in place of God. They are distractions that keep us from realizing the truth and experiencin... Read More

Making the Inner Shift


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We can shift out of madness into right-mindedness, but we can’t do it alone. There are tools available to us that make healing a... Read More

The Attraction of Victimhood


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Sometimes we feel inexplicably drawn to think and behave like a victim. There’s something strangely comforting about blaming oth... Read More

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