Developing Psychic Powers

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Are "psychic" powers desirable? This is a key question that A Course in Miracles asks and answers. Many of us would like to be mor... Read More

Release From Sin

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Are you struggling with a belief in sins from the past? Do you go over the past hurts and failures in your mind, going back and fo... Read More

Stop Learning Through Pain

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"Gentle lessons are acquired joyously, and are remembered gladly." In this world of seeming duality, we learn through contrast. We... Read More

Don’t Be Blind to Your Miracle

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Activate your miraculous life! Miracles are natural. It's our nature to be miraculous. We are designed to live a miraculous life-a... Read More

Abundance and Prosperity

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Abundance and prosperity are a major issue for many people. Belief in lack and scarcity are the burden of the ego. A Course in Mir... Read More

The Devil and ACIM

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What does A Course in Miracles say about the devil? It's helpful to have a clear understanding of what the devil is and is not. So... Read More

Pleasure and Pain

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The ego has us chasing pleasure 24/7 and yet when we're driven by the ego, pleasure inevitably leads to pain. It's a highly distra... Read More

Salvation Made Simple

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Does salvation seem strange or impossible? Has the ego tricked you into thinking that you're just plain bad, a sinner, unworthy, a... Read More

Saving Time

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Do you ever feel like you're not making good use of your time? Do you feel as though you've wasted time? The ego plays all kinds o... Read More

Power to Heal All Pain

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There's something we can use to heal all pain. That power is ours and we can accomplish it. The question is entirely one of willin... Read More

Ascended Masters and Mighty Companions

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One of the great resources we have in this world is the Ascended Masters. Call them the Company of Heaven or the Planetary Hierarc... Read More

Real Relationship

06/28/2016    Download Transcript

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Our difficult and hurtful relationships are the No. 1 thing that prevents us from awakening. A Course in Miracles gives us a clear... Read More

Cultivating a Guiltless Mind

06/21/2016    Download Transcript

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Guilt is the way the ego keeps us playing small and living in lack and limitation. Living without guilt doesn't mean becoming inse... Read More

The Way out of Darkness

06/14/2016    Download Transcript

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It can sometimes seem like we've suddenly fallen into a pit of darkness. At other times, it seems like the darkness is chasing us.... Read More

Peace and Politics

06/07/2016    Download Transcript

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Many people notice that the election activities seem to disturb their Peace. Each election year people get triggered by politics. ... Read More

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