Undo the Ego and Put an End to Suffering

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To create a fulfilling relationship with the Divine, you must gently unwind the ego and its subtle ways of creating suffering. Re... Read More

Making It Personal With A Course in Miracles


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Some people may feel discouraged when studying A Course in Miracles, because it often seems dense or challenging. You'll feel new ... Read More

ACIM Around the World

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Rev. Jennifer's guest this week is David Hoffmeister. Traveling for 19 years in 26 countries to share the experience of God's unco... Read More

Ken Wapnick


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Rev. Jennifer Hadley interviews Ken Wapnick, Ph.D. Ken has been writing and teaching about A Course in Miracles since 1973. He was... Read More

Inaugural Episode: Forgiveness and Relationships

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Are your closest relationships your workshop for practicing your forgiveness skills? In this inaugural episode, Rev. Jennifer Hadl... Read More

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