Compassionate Listening


Could all of our relationship challenges be eliminated if we had the ability to be a compassionate listener? When we can listen to the one “voice” of Spirit speaking to us through everyone and all of life, we are on the fastest path to our healing, our awakening, and our liberation. A Course in Miracles tells us our relationships are our best tool for healing our mind. Without the skill of compassionate listening, relationships are a difficult maze of dead ends and repeating the same errors. A Course in Miracles tells us how to rise above the battleground, if we’re willing to listen and practice. In this week’s episode, Jennifer Hadley shares her own experience of developing the skill of compassionate listening and the miracles it has brought in her relationships. Everything is teaching us—are we listening? Each week, Jennifer offers helpful tips and clear tools to aid us in a practical application of these ACIM teachings in order to truly live A Course in Miracles. Now is the time for us to choose to walk the talk and live the Love!