Healing the Body with the Mind—Part 2

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Over the course of 6 years, kironJ, already a spiritual coach and leader in her life, experienced a debilitating physical condition, eventually becoming unable to move or speak. She was, essentially, trapped in her deteriorating body with only her mind, while the ego continually assaulted her with false thoughts and beliefs about who she was. Prayer was a comfort, offering her spiritual direction of seeing the truth in her present and her past, yet she saw no hope of recovery, and even had formed a suicidal plan to escape her seeming reality.  Join Jennifer Hadley as kironJ recalls the utterly raw emotions, thoughts, struggles and challenges that have brought her to her spiritual awakening, becoming a true inspiration to us all. What an intense, amazing spiritual journey kironJ experienced, allowing her to realize that learning how to forgive and gaining an awareness of the truth were the keys to unlock her mental, emotional and eventual physical healing. Finding the perfection in her body experience, she found the teachings of ACIM to be in complete alignment with what she had come to know as truth. kironJ is now a spiritual teacher, assisting others in their continued spiritual development, and truly is living A Course in Miracles every day. For the transcript of this episode and more, please visit LivingACourseinMiracles.com/podcast.

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