Does Darkness Have Power?


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Sometimes it can feel like we're fighting darkness in the world, or within ourselves. It can feel like we're being dragged down. I... Read More

The Light You Bring


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We're on a mission from Spirit! We're bringing the Light AND we're also bringing the dark to the Light. The Light within us is the... Read More

Activating Unity Awareness


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We can fast track ourselves to remembering the truth that is the key to our awakened mind. Everything in ACIM leads us to this awa... Read More

Releasing the Fear of God


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It may seem hard to believe, but the fear of God is our greatest fear. We're part of God; we fear our very nature. This underlying... Read More

Attraction of Death – Part 2


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It's so helpful to truly understand the attraction of death and how it's an underlying fear that we're working with ALL the time u... Read More

Attraction of Death – Part 1


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The attraction of guilt and the attraction of death go together. Death is the ultimate punishment for the guilty and death ends a... Read More

Attraction of Pain


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When we are operating from unconscious guilt we'll be attracted and invested in punishment. The guilty always anticipate being pun... Read More

Body Beliefs That Prevent Peace


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"I am not a body," ACIM teaches. We are pure Spirit, holy and free. Our beliefs about the body and body identification are major... Read More

Attraction to Guilt – Part 3


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We can get so used to being uncomfortable that we lose perspective. For a very long time, humanity has believed it's nature was s... Read More

Attraction to Guilt – Part 2


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We can eliminate the causes of the fear, anger and unworthiness that erode our relationships and make happiness impossible. When ... Read More

Making the Shift to Peace


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Peace is our natural state. To know Peace is to release the attachments to the beliefs that interrupt our Peace. We can make thi... Read More

Resolutions Fail


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Resolutions come from ego resolve and are doomed to fail. We've had enough failure, let's find the better way. This will be a ye... Read More

A Year of A Course in Miracles


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People can easily get ego distracted with ACIM and trying to do it perfectly without really experiencing the mind training. Witho... Read More

Family Conflict Elimination


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There’s an illusion that holidays are a time of family Joy, Love and happiness, but that can be a fantasy. Holidays are some of ... Read More

Grief and Death


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Grief for any reason, but especially the loss of beloved one can feel like it's own version of hell on earth.Read More

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