The Quiet Answer


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Have you ever asked God for something and didn't get it? Haven't we all? In this week's episode, Jennifer shares what ACIM teach... Read More

Answering the Call


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ACIM tells us that all are called and few choose to listen, and yet these days, more and more people are hearing the call and choo... Read More

Heaven’s Hindrance


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There's no big or small in the mind of God, but the ego thoughts would convince us that there is. Heaven is so close, when we're w... Read More

There Is No Death


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All is one and so there is but one eternal life, and so there can be no actual death. What does that actually mean for us on a day... Read More

Quantum Healing with ACIM


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ACIM is a program for healing our lives in a miraculous way. It's a step-by-step system for shifting our thinking so that we can ... Read More

Seeing Ourselves Correctly


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Suffering is the result of holding the wrong view, false belief, attack thought closely and investing in it.  The most common is... Read More

Claim Your Holy Relationship Now!


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We can all have holy relationships - and they're heavenly! Just as we're entitled to miracles, we're entitled to holy relationshi... Read More

Don’t Let Ego Determine Your Priorities


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Here's some help to avoid some common ego mistakes that spiritual students make. This week, Jennifer shares some of the mistakes s... Read More

Year in Review


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A new year with new opportunities for more Peace, more Love and more Joy! In this episode, Jennifer takes a look inward at the shi... Read More

Stepping Into the Real World


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Let's make that move from the illusion and delusion of separation into the Real World of Perfect Love. There is a path laid out fo... Read More

Choosing to Dream or Awaken


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Are we just trying to make a happy dream or are we choosing to awaken? Are we trying to make things line up in the world to give u... Read More

Making Room For Truth


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We can be so focused on what we don't like and the belief in our problems that there's no room for the truth. And yet, the truth i... Read More

Don’t Let Ego Fool You


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It can feel like the ego is SO tricky and that we get fooled time and again. The ego has no power, only Love has the power. It hel... Read More

How to Spend Your Day


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What are the practices that are going to bring the true fruit of ACIM? Let's recognize that not so much is being asked of us - we... Read More

When It’s Hard to Forgive


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ACIM tells us that forgiveness offers everything we want, so why is it sometimes so darn hard to forgive? How can we break through... Read More

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