Healing and the Changelessness of Mind


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All throughout ACIM, we're given clear direct insight as to how to undo the ego attachments and drop the ego mind training so we c... Read More

Clarity of Goal


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We can have spiritual goals that guide our life, moment by moment, in order to recognize the highest and best when it's being pres... Read More

Coping With Anger


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Anger is a mental habit. Coping with anger is a long and winding road filled with suffering. What the ego-identified don't know is... Read More

Escape from Guilt


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If we're willing to pay attention we can quickly shift our emotional roller coaster AND heal our relationships through practicing ... Read More

ACIM Changed My Life


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In this episode, Jennifer shares her journey to ACIM and how she worked the principles to truly transform how she feels about ever... Read More

Letting Go of Limits


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The hallmark of the ego thought system is belief in constant limitation and lack. Because we believe in limitation we see it every... Read More

Free Yourself and The World


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One of the great benefits of practicing the teachings in the ACIM lessons is that we not only liberate our own mind, we literally ... Read More

Having Neutral Thoughts


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ACIM tells us that we've given everything in this world all the meaning that it has for us and that in order to align with the div... Read More

Are You Willing to Awaken?


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In this world, we get to choose to awaken or remain in dreams. Our brothers and sisters are here to help us. Every spiritual stu... Read More

The Holy Spirit


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What or who is the Holy Spirit? Where did it come from? How do we get to it? In this episode, Jennifer shares what ACIM has to t... Read More

The Cause of Sickness


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Sickness is an effect - it's a symptom of something else. It's something that can be changed by shifting the cause. Knowing how to... Read More

Our Salvation Is Here!


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So many spiritual students believe that there's nothing to be done to undo our unworthiness. When we recognize the means of our sa... Read More

The Cost of Specialness


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We cannot seek for specialness in this world and live our purpose, or find happiness. Suffering and specialness are constant compa... Read More

Choosing Heaven


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In a world of seeming opposites and the recurring feeling of hell, there's a way to get to heaven that's explained in the workbook... Read More

Stop Withholding From God


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Many spiritual students unwittingly operate at a distance from Spirit. Feeling unworthy of God's Love, they feel they have to do e... Read More

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